The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

- Lao Tzu

Together we will redefine what your wellbeing means!

We will help you to renew your energy and to restore you to vibrant health!
The intended result is to leave you feeling energized, empowered and
equipped to take charge of your health!




Nothing in life is more constant than change, but sometimes we find this difficult.  When it comes to your health however, it is vital and necessary that you make decisions to redefine your life, your views and your priorities. It is that important!

Having made a decision and set upon the course of change for more optimal health,
it is time to get support to renew your approach and vision. This will not only help you gain a fresh understanding but will begin to renew your entire being –
mind, body and soul.

Seeing your life take a new direction towards healthier and more joyous living
will make you feel truly alive!  Being able to restore your energy, your hope and to find your perfect state of wellbeing is priceless.  You will gain a sense of empowerment
and a heart of gratitude.

Health is wealth

- Virgil

Meet Maggie Millwood,
founder, perfect health solutions

Maggie, holistic nutritionist, based in Toronto, believes in taking care of each client as an individual. She sees health as a personal state of being and as a result, focuses on how each person’s body functions uniquely; She strategically tailors the use of food, supplements and the environment as a key approach to achieving wellness outcomes.

Her passion is to educate you on how to take charge of your health, make healthy food choices and to be informed about balancing your lifestyle. She sees her role as being a herald, an architect and an advocate for you to find your solution to perfect health.
She will share why it is important for you to take the time to restore your wellbeing;
she will help you to build it back, and she will fight with you to get you to the place
that feels perfect for you to say you feel well again!


Maggie specializes in supporting people, especially women, who need help recovering from extreme fatigue, chronic pain and a sense of imbalance or dis-ease, which also brings with it a feeling of being overwhelmed. In a soothing and approachable manner, she examines the causes behind these symptoms and makes recommendations to get to the root of these concerns in order to restore wellness and balance.

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